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While Private Blockchains have previously dominated enterprise and institutional use, the transition to Public Ethereum has commenced.

The First Blockchain — Bitcoin

Source: Gartner Inc, modified by Anthony Bertolino

“The Hype Cycle is not a new phenomenon, but can be seen throughout history as each new innovation captures the human imagination.”

— Gartner Inc.

The Innovation Trigger — A World Computer with Smart Contracts

Crypto Communities and their Unique Sub Cultures

Ethereum and Chainlink are the clear leaders in their respective categories and are often considered a match made in heaven. While these blooming communities have had their ups and downs, all should take notice at the amazing work being done towards building a New Open Financial System.

Ethereum is a…

History shows that as asset classes emerge, new types of investors arrive to take advantage of unprecedented market dynamics. We are now entering an era of Crypto Assets and the associated Innovative Investor.

Crypto Assets and the Innovative Investor

Crypto Assets require a unique knowledge set if one wants to avoid common pitfalls. These assets are…

Just a few of the many heads of Ethereum, more are growing each day.

The Mythical Hydra

One of Hercules’ most famous battles was against a great Hydra. According to Greek mythology, a Hydra is unique in that when it’s attacked and has a head severed, two more grow back in its place. The more pain and issues the Hydra encounters, the more resilient it becomes. …

It’s time to pay attention. Ray Dalio, Conspiracy Theorists, Gold Bugs, Bitcoin Maximalists and even the Chinese Government all have one thing in common. They believe that the existing Global Financial System is in for a paramount change in the near future.

Ray Dalio, the Founder of Bridge Water Associates…

After the dust settled from the Dot Com Bubble, we saw distinctive phoenix internet companies rise from the ashes and deliver immense value to the every day user. …

Crypto assets are unique in the sense that they are either natively baked into a network or exist on top of a network. There are many crypto assets but one in particular deserves your attention. The network is known as Ethereum and it has a native asset called Ether. …

The crypto asset market is highly emotional, full of noise and thus incredibly hard to navigate. This has created significant information asymmetry among participants, which can be a boon to investors who can be level headed and get proper signal. We are at an inflection point in a market that…

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