Ethereum: The Anti-Fragile Hydra

Just a few of the many heads of Ethereum, more are growing each day.

The Mythical Hydra

Ethereum, the Anti-Fragile Hydra

Ethereum Foundation ‘Co-Founder’ Leaves but an Ethos Grows

Ethereum Foundation Centralization Risk but Consensys Sprouts

Ethereum (ETH) is Volatile but MakerDAO Appears

The DAO is Destroyed but Evolved DAOs are Summoned

Parity is Killed but Gnosis Builds

EtherDelta Shuts Down but DEX Protocols Flourish

Crypto Kitties Clog but Scaling Technology Breeds

ICOs Boom and Bust but Open Finance Composes

Synthetix is Attacked but Oracles Mature

Parity Shrinks but Ethereum 2.0 Spreads

Future Battles

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